Health and Fitness, Everything in Moderation

With all the different diets and training videos that are out there in the market it is sometimes confusing on which one is the best, or even which one suits you. The reason why there is so much information and advice on health and fitness is because it’s big business and there is a lot of money to be made if you can market and sell what is perceived to be a diet or fitness regime that works. It is interesting to learn that in an age where we have access to information, access to gyms and access to products more than we ever have before yet the rate of obesity in the developing world is increasing every year. And it seems to be that every country that goes from rags to riches follows this trend where we tend to give our children everything that we didn’t have, with the result that we rare kids that are fatter than they should be. America seems to be leading nation when it comes to obesity however the rest of the developing world is following in America’s footsteps we have to ask ourselves why?The foods that are bad for you tend to be everywhere. The best example of this is where you find vending machines in schools therefore giving kids access to junk food on a daily basis. If you travel to work to do your shopping or simply go and meet somebody in a hotel you will never be far from food is not good for you. In this environment it is very hard to restrict yourself and deny yourself something that seems harmless, but tastes really nice. This is one of the reasons why junk food wins out so frequently. Once our kids go down the road of having junk food as part of their normal diet it is a really hard cycle to break. Most of us are creatures of habit and where food is concerned it can be a bad habit that is almost impossible to break. Where food is different to other addictions is that it is all around us, we have to eat everyday which means we fight that battle every day no matter what. At least with smoking or drinking we can distance ourselves from these cravings. If we don’t buy cigarettes we keep them out of our own space and if we stay out of out of pubs it is much easier to abstain from drinking.It is important as adults that we train our kids to eat sensibly. We teach our kids everything else, we should also teach them how to treat food. This takes work, it is much easier when preparing lunches to make a sandwich and give some money for the vending machines. It takes discipline to go that step further and make a varied lunch which should include fruit, cheese and maybe a small treat because denying junk food completely is also not the answer. With all the advice that is out there if we live our lives on the bases that it’s okay to eat most things in moderation, one will never go too far wrong. Sometimes one has to simplify the message in order for the point to get through.

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